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Homeschool Support Groups in Broward County

Find your Tribe!

Whenever I meet a new homeschooler, I always encourage them to find a homeschool support group. Finding your “tribe” is key to your success in homeschooling. No matter how supportive your family and friends may be, there’s nothing like talking to those who know what it’s like in the trenches. They can celebrate your victories, sympathize on your bad days and encourage you on the journey. I visited about six different homeschool groups when I first started and it was quite the experience! Homeschoolers are truly the most diverse group of people ever, that’s why I put together this list of homeschool support groups in Broward County.

If you’re just starting off, moved into town recently, or are still searching for your “tribe,” I hope the list of groups below will be helpful in your journey.

**Most groups have field trips or activities county-wide, but generally have one central location for support meetings or park meet-ups, which I’ve put in parenthesis next to the group’s name.

Christian-based Groups:

Inclusive / Non-Religious Groups:

Curriculum Groups:

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