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Five Minute Friday: Door

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Life is always full of possibilities. For me, one of the hardest things is deciding which is the “best” door to go through. Which one will lead me to the best place I can be? Which one will provide the best opportunities? Which door is the right fit? But sometimes not every decision has a finite answer. Maybe multiple doors can provide equally fulfilling paths. Just don’t tell my brain that; it’s quite possible it can explode.

I once heard someone say that rather than focusing on which “door” to go through, just go after all of them and let God be the one to close them. This alone is freeing, to know someone all-knowing is guiding my steps and my path. I don’t have to worry about the door because God already knows which one to lead me to. Hopefully, it’s a red-colored one though. I like red.

Red Door - Let God Close the Door

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  • Reply Jennifer Lane

    It is so freeing to trust God’s path. In my experience, faith has been a tricky thing. God will ask me to do something big without giving me any kind of big picture. He only gives me one step at a time, and sometimes some of those steps seem crazy or impossible. Everything always works out. Imagine that. God’s path is trustworthy.

    Thank you for sharing about your faith in God’s leading!

    May 1, 2015 at 2:36 am
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